Submitting Music to Blogs – Do’s and Don’ts

Submitting your music to blogs can be very beneficial, it will help get your name out there to a new audience, but you have to do it right in order to reap these benefits.



  • DO: Make a personal connection with the blogger, try to find their first name on their “about” page. Bloggers like to know if their blog is just a one-stop in your submission quest or if you’re actually interested in their blog specifially
  • DO: Include any relevant links such as social networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as your personal website/blog.
  • DO: Send streaming links to your music rather than attaching MP3s. Sites like Soundcloud, and Bandcamp are great for this as they have embedding options
  • DO: Do some research on the blog you’re trying to be featured on. Don’t submit a dirty south song to a blog dedicated to indie rock.
  • DO: Include some info about yourself. Bloggers don’t like to just post a music link and nothing else, include your location, a little bit about yourself and your music and the cover art.
  • DO: Have a relevant subject line. Something like “DOPE NEW RAP SONG BY LIL RAPPER” is just going to make a blogger send your message to spam. A simple subject line such as “Music Submission: KenSon and Backspacez – Give Me Now (Hip Hop)” is fine.


  • DON’T: Mass email multiple blogs without using BCC. BCC means “blind carbon copy” meaning the recipients can’t see who else you sent the message to. You shouldn’t even mass email at all though, even if you are using BCC. A personal email to a blogger is the best bet.
  • DON’T: Send an email with your music not specifying what you want the blogger to do with it. Do you want it reviewed? Posted in the X section? 
  • DON’T: Send a bunch of music at once, unless it’s an album. Don’t just leave 8 links to 8 different songs and expect the blogger to listen to them all.
  • DON’T: Send to their personal emails. Make sure the email you’re sending to is meant for music submissions.
  • DON’T: Stop submitting to blogs when you don’t get featured. Bloggers get lots of emails a day, a lot of which they don’t even open. 
  • DON’T: Send old music to blogs. Nobody wants to feature an 8 month old song on their blog, bloggers want new, fresh music.
  • DON’T: Send badly recorded or scrap music to blogs, that will be their first impression of you as a musician. If they think of you as an unprofessional musician, any future submissions they get from you won’t be taken seriously.